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Murano glass head pins


The BOHIN glass-head pins are made in France in our factory. They are really convenient for classic sewing work.

This 0,60 mm diameter is adapted to work on the widest variety of fabrics. The head, made of real Murano glass will allow you to better identify the location of your pins on your fabric. The glass will not melt under the iron sole. With our qualitative pins you will be able to : assemble your fabrics, mark your folds and hems. In nickel-plated steel these pins won't twist on a 40° limit and won't oxidize.

14 exclusive colors."



-> Large choice of colors
-> Made in Normandie
-> Doesn't melt under the iron sole 

Specs :

Pea green                      Baby pink                    
REF 98850                    REF 98858
Nile green                      Ivory
REF 98851                     REF 98859
Sky blue                         Pearl grey
REF 98852                    REF 98860
Teal blue                        Purple 
REF 98853                    REF 98861
Dark blue                       Brimstone yellow 
REF 98855                    REF 98862
Cobalt blue                   Coral 
REF 98856                   REF 98863
Brown                            Mustard
REF 98864                   REF 98865