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nouveaux packaging des aiguilles bohin


Buying a BOHIN France product is synonymous with quality. Every day, we pamper our machines to guarantee you the best ease of use. Quality meets the requirements of French, European and International quality standards. Have you noticed a BOHIN needle box is always hiding in your grandmothers’ sewing kit? There’s a good reason for that!


"Choose well what you sell, and you will live again to tell.”

Benjamin Bohin -Versets moderniques, 1898


By buying French, you support French companies and you participate in the domestic job protection efforts. No, nothing has changed: we are all impacted by the economic crisis. People around you talk about unemployment! Every time you buy a foreign-made product instead of one made in France, you condemn to unemployment French workers who made it available to you in the first place!

"Live simply, take action, ensure a gain without backlash."

Benjamin Bohin -Versets moderniques, 1898

affiche vintage achetez francais
employés de l'usine bohin

A human-size company

At BOHIN, we place people at the center of our concerns. As keepers of our historical know-how, some of our 36 employees are our company’s living history. We also promote interaction between employees. This proximity allows us to be reactive and flexible with our customers. At BOHIN, decisions are made efficiently in a pragmatic manner.

Creativity and autonomy are also part of our values because we believe work must be exciting! At BOHIN, we have a collective approach to working together, we have lunch together, we talk with kindness to each other, a colleague even offers yoga classes to others, we build friendships, etc.

We work on the company's ambitious projects together because we believe in them and hire new talents as we always look to go beyond ourselves so that we are able to offer you the best.


"People and fraternity will be part of progress: kindness."

Benjamin Bohin -Versets moderniques, 1898


 We value proximity and prefer direct relationships, especially with local suppliers.

Recruitments take place locally often. For example, the last 2 people we hired come from the region and are 18 and 59 years old! The company is committed to tackling inequalities and offer an opportunity for people with a disability to work for our company. For each of our actions, we make sure to be benevolent, respectful of our staff and guarantee good working conditions and other small benefits (just like the cabbage on the photo that comes from our garden).

Continuous improvement is important: we are committed to follow an ISO 9001 approach in order to improve our organization and the quality of our services that is carried out by an internal team under the watchful supervision of a quality expert! Reflections are under way to reduce our waste and reduce environmental impact thanks to actions such as bulk sales or packaging reduction.

"Humanity being your mother, love it, for all be a brother.."

Benjamin Bohin -Versets moderniques, 1898

photo d'un chou


Delivered following a rigorous appraisal process, this label aims to reward small and medium-sized businesses that are emblematic of exceptional French craft or industry skills.

The criteria mainly focus on the mastery of high-tech, renowned or traditional expertise and know-how, generally linked to a particular region. These clearly illustrate the high value added of a fabrication entirely “made in France” in the eyes of buyers both in France and abroad.


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