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The following lines are not intended to be exhaustive but to present you the sites and places of visit that are our partners, with which we have established links of trust and/or that have been advised to us by visitors. By clicking on the underlined words to follow, you will be redirected to the relevant websites to bring you more information. Do not hesitate to consult the tourist offices of Pays de L'Aigle  and Normandie Sud Tourisme (in Verneuil-sur-Avre), the departmental tourism committees Tourisme de l'Orne and of l'Eure, Loisirs Accueil Orne or the regional tourism committee of Normandy  to help you and accompany you in the preparation of your stay.


The Orne offers a wide range of activities. Its landscape and history will delight nature lovers, outdoor activity enthusiasts, history and architecture amateurs as well as gourmets. 

In the immediate area of La Manufacture Bohin, the Pays d'Ouche, rich of its metallurgical history, reveals itself a little more at the Grosse Forge d'Aube. You will go back in time and history with a pedagogical approach around the extraction and transformation of metal, especially during the 18th century. Discover an unsuspected literary heritage through the museum on the The Comtesse de Ségur. Did you know that the characters of Le Bon petit diable were inspired by local people? The author of Les Malheurs de Sophie, Les Petites Filles Modèles had her residence right next to L'Aigle! On the territory you will also find the nautical and leisure base of the lake of St-Evroult-Notre-Dame-du-Bois and the remains of its powerful abbey with a Parc à Bout,one of its kind in the region! You will also find a zip line crossing the pond, pedalos and a mini-golf. Don't forget to make a gourmet stopover in Moulins-la-Marche while enjoying its delicious brioche! Will you uncover the mystery of its secret ingredient? Take a tour of the pond of La-Croix-Lamirault, new development of the Community of Communes when you return to L'Aigle to burn these few calories. Go be dazzled at Château des Rêves in La Ferté-en-Ouche. Theatrical and dreamlike tours will transport you to a poetic and enchanting world, leaving you with a taste of French excellence!

Further away, venture into the Perche region, this natural park, between forests, hills and hedged farmland, has a lot of character with its characteristic manors, its ancient farmhouses and charming villages, of which la Perrière is a leading example. Every year, on Sundays and Mondays of the Pentecost weekend, its famous art market is held. In Mortagne-au-Perche, you can taste its famous black pudding. Once a year in March, the famous pudding fair is held. Did you know that many Quebecers have perch ancestors? You will discover their history at Muséales de Tourouvreas well as an amazing collection on the evolution of trade and brands during the 20th century. In the confines of this former county, you can visit a preserved priory and discover complete ethnographic collections at l'Écomusée du Perche at the Prieuré Sainte-Gaubruge. You will then have a wealth of information about the local horse: the famous Percheron.

Orne has delicious flavors and an authentic soul. At Camembert, France, you will have the opportunity to meet producers who will tell you everything about this symbol of the French gastronomy. la Maison du Camembert welcomes you for a historic and tasty discovery! You will also find a historical supplement on the inventor of the camembert: Marie Harel, in Vimoutiers. And don't forget to stop by a producer of apple juice, cider and calvados, and why not taste an apple marmelade? For history buffs, a detour through The Mémorial of Montormelis essential to understand the allied strategy put in place to complete the Battle of Normandy begun on the D-Day beaches on June 6th 1944. Did you know that the Battle of Normandy ended in the Orne just 40km from La Manufacture Bohin?

Symbol of Ornan excellence, the activities around the horse are very present. Thanks to this verdant setting, the Ornan horses regularly occupy the first steps of the most prestigious podiums. During your visit, do not miss le Haras du Pin ,named the "Versailles of the horses", it would be a shame to miss one of the treasures of Norman heritage. Next door, you will discover the town of Argentan with its house of laces, which develops a very clear thread on the different laces and their Venetian origins, and its museum Fernand Léger, installed recently in the childhood home of the artist.

The city of Sées will take a good place in your Ornan itinerary with its beautiful cathedral and its pretty cobbled streets. You can take the opportunity to wander in the forest of Ecouves and discover The animal park which will delight the whole family!

If you love know-how, discover Alençon, a lace-making city par excellence, which has become famous with the "Point d'Alençon", a needle-based technique that has promoted Ornese art to the rank of "Queen of Lace". It was Paul Bohin, son of the founder of the company, then president of the chamber of commerce of the Orne, who supported the creation of the school that still trains lace makers who work for the National Furniture. You will discover magnificent works at the Museum of Fine Arts and Lace which also preserves an amazing collection of Vietnamese objects, gathered by a local collector.

Horse enthusiast you said? You still have a fabulous excursion to live! La ferme du cheval de trait, at  The Michaudière,offers a show of dressage and coupling realized with the diversity of French and international draft horse races!

            Harcourt © ADT de l'Eure, C. Michaud 


The Pays d'Ouche, where the Bohin Manufacture is located, also extends over the Eure department. This large department, which extends to the estuary of the Seine, contains many nuggets to extend your Norman getaway!

Start by exploring the surroundings of Verneuil-sur-Avre: with an exotic getaway in the tropical bubble of Center Parcs Les Bois Francs Discover the different cities of this county of Art and History thanks to the visits offered by the guides of the tourism office In Damville, you can discover a chocolatier and confectioner supplying the best pastry chefs: the Chocolatrium by Michel Cluizel opens its doors for a sensual and gourmet break.

The glass industry is exhibited in Conche-en-Ouche at the glass museum and its exhibitions are bright and delicate. Continue now to the authentic town of city of BernayBranded city of art and history, Bernay will surprise you with its typically Norman architecture and history. The many shops that are well-stocked will allow you to stroll around, hunt, and discover typical recipes of the country. Not far from Bernay,  d'Harcourt castleNot far from Bernay, France the castle of Harcourt, is one of Normandy’s medieval best-preserved fortresses. The area is composed of an exceptional arboretum (more than 500 species), considered as the oldest in France.

15 minutes from the Harcourt estate to the north, we advise you to stop by the village of   Bec HellouinNorman marvel in its green setting! The village is listed among the "Most Beautiful Villages of France". The majestic abbey of
Notre-Dame-Du-BecMonastic life is always present. We hope that the discovery of this place will offer you an authentic moment of serenity! Do not hesitate to walk along the greenway, on foot or by bike.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Château-Gaillard, Les Andelys © ADT de l'Eure, M. Aubry


Normandy is an extremely rich region and to make you want to come back and develop your route even more, here are some tracks that will interest you if you liked La Manufacture Bohin!

Do you like company visits? Many companies in Normandy open their doors to you! At Livarot expand your gourmet knowledge on the tasting of Norman cheeses at the Graindorge cheese village. Norman gastronomy would not be what it is without a drop of its famous drink, to discover at  Calvados Expérience by Père Magloire in Pont-L'Evêque, nor a touch of cream in the  Caramels of Isigny. Accompany these dishes by a  Degrenne cuttlery in Vire and you will be the king of the tableware! After so many delicacies, you will surely have to renew your wardrobe at  Saint James knitwear!

On the path of the unmissable of Normandy, think about discovering La Merveille at  Mont-Saint-Michel abbeybe astonished in the moors of  the Hague (many say that it looks like Ireland, less sea sickness). Normandy is a land extremely linked to the sea that you will discover at  the cité of the sea in Cherbourg. From the harbour of Honfleur, to the Planches de Deauville, without forgetting the cliffs of Etretat you will be surprised by the diversity of its approach.

The Normandie battle, if it ends in the Orne near La Manufacture Bohin, begins on long beaches where museums and memorials will allow you to understand the strategies and effort needed for this historic conquest of Freedom.

Nature is an art and who better than  the painter Claude Monet to convey all the passion of the Impressionists for her. The gardens of the painter and his house in Giverny will allow you, ideally in spring, to perceive the extent of this mastery.
Impossible to see everything at once! You will have to come back and enjoy it to discover the new exhibitions and events of La Manufacture Bohin. 


Merci pour votre abonnement!