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Easy threding needles pouch


This assortment of BOHIN self ‘easy’ threading needles will give you more flexibility in carrying out your sewing work. BOHIN self easy threading needles have a clever system that allows easy threading. The eye of these needles is open at the top so that your thread can be clipped on. Very practical for people who have vision problems or for those who don’t want to waste time. Made in France in our factory, from nickel-plated steel, our needles go through 27 manufacturing stages, which guarantees an incomparable slide and an irreproachable tip. The numbering corresponds to the size of each needle, No. 2 being the longest and thickest one, and No. 8 the shortest and thinnest one of the series.

Composition of the assortment:

2 self easy threading needles No. 2
2 self easy threading needles No. 3
2 self easy threading needles No. 4



-> Made in France
-> Save time

Specs :

Easy threading needle
REF 01095

BOHIN easy threding needles