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Salle d'exposition d'oeuvre d'art à la manufacture Bohin

Monté en épingle « Pinned »

from March 29th to June 25th 2021

More than 20 artists piquing your curiosity of their interpretation, use and diversion of the pin, glass head pin and safety pin. Whether influenced by the world of fashion, activism or in an abstract or figurative contemporary expression, the pin bends to the expression of the artistic message.

Oeuvre d'art de patchwork textile coloré

Artextures 11th Edition   

from July 3rd to August 28th

The contemporary international textile art competition organized by the association France Patchwork is always a delight for the eyes! Each edition brings together the flagship of textile creation and allows to see the latest creations of recognized artists and to discover new ones!

Oeuvre d'art d'un lustre colorée

Il y a des lustres « It's been a long time » by  IdTextile

from September 3th to October 30th.

This artist duo, mother and daughter, invents and weaves together surprising chandeliers of contemporaneity and elegance. These beings of the ceilings are magistically made out of recycled materials. You will discover the details of their design and the clever materials that make them up.


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