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tote bag bleu


The iconic Solange, Edwige and Marlène models from the BOHIN archives are printed on a cotton canvas bag.

Particularity: these historical faces are just waiting to be metamorphosed under the expert or novice fingers of the embroiderers.
Customizable ! It’s up to each one of us to bring his own touch, to take over this new story by customizing the motive as wanted, by using
all the outfit of needlework and embroidery techniques : buttons, beads, threads, embroideries,
Here below one of the models has even been personalized with bobbin laces, another in Hardanger or ribbon embroidery. No limit to your
creativity !


Added Value


-> Printed in France
-> OEKO-TEX® certificate
-> 3 colors, 5 models
-> Good shoulder support
-> Can easily be embroidered
-> Very light

Specs : 

Cotton 140gr/m2 Dimensions : 38 x 42 cm

Marlène burgundi : REF 00192
Marlène blue : REF 00197
Solange burgundi : REF 00195
Solange blue : REF 00191
Edwige vert lagoon green : REF 00190

tote bag bleu vintage
tote bag rouge vintage