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cercles a broder en bois


Very Practical ! The embroidery hoop is the essential ally for any project: sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, etc..

Embroidering is easier with these solid wooden circles, adjustable for different thicknesses.
The knurled screw helps tighten and ensure long-lasting maintenance. 

Great Decoration ! It can be used as decorative accessory displayed on the walls to show off your creations or a simple fabric that you want to hang like a frame !




-> High quality wood
-> Knurled screw
-> 4 diameters
-> Decorative frame

Specs : 

8cm :       REF98634
12,5 cm : REF 98635
18,5 cm : REF 98636
23 cm :    REF 98637

cercle a broder de qualité
ouvrage de broderie au fil rouge