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Genouillère et coudière pour enfant, éléphant et lion


These knee pads elbows are ideal to customize, prevent or mend any tears, accidents, holes in pants, sweaters, jackets and small tops. This range for children Benjamin Best Friends is a universe of animals who love each other: the lion and the elephant, the twin cats, the teddy bear and the inseparable koala.
These fun and touching couples customize the clothes and enliven the wardrobe of your little ones. In the blink of an eye, a basic piece can become a unique, original and solid!



-> Original design by BOHIN France
-> For knees and elbows

Specs :

Orange cat  & green cat
REF 98879

Lion & elephant
REF 98880

Teddy bear & koala
REF 98881

Genouillère et coudière pour enfant, chat vert et chat orange
Genouillère et coudière pour enfant, koala et panda