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carnet d'aiguille vintage rose


Solange, Edwige and Marlène

To celebrate BOHIN’s 185 th year, here are three icons which have embodied the BOHIN image over the 20's, 30's, 50's and in 2018, with an exclusive BOHIN print.
This set of 40 expert needles are made of high quality nickel steel and are smooth and strong. The BOHIN needles have an unparalleled glide and a flawless tip, making them the perfect needles to sew seamleslly.

In this book, you will find the sense of detail and BOHIN’s quality that fits most work as embroidery,
tapestry, straw, darning, sharps.

The needles are shown in a « jewel-case » book: it is as good looking inside as it is outside !




-> Made in Normandie
-> Nickel-plated steel
-> A complete set for all types of work

-> 5 models of needles / 19 sizes

Specs : 

Book of 40 sewing needles 

Inner book color: Deep Green : REF 98802 

Book of 40 sewing needles 
Inner book color : Old Pink : REF 98803

Book of 40 sewing needles

Inner book color: Light Pink : REF 98804

carnet d'aiguille vintage bohin bleu
carnet d'aiguilles vintage vert
carnet d'aiguilles vintage rose