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boite a couture pour enfant


Playful ! This sewing box contains all the essential accessories for a child to learn the pleasures of
Complete ! You will find in this beautiful transparent box all the necessary material: pins, needles, fancy
scissors, an assortment of buttons, a tape measure ... and a step by step sheet for the realization of a
secret pocket ! Waouh !
Convenient ! The child can easily store all its equipment in this box that can be carried everywhere thanks to a secure closure with a 
padlock hole and thanks to its handle for easy transport.
This sewing box is the perfect gift for all the apprentice designer.




-> Step by step sheet included
-> Easy to carry on
-> Complete sewing tools kit
-> Perfect gift for children

Specs : 

1 Transparent box
1 BOHIN needle pouch
1 Fancy scissor
1 Measuring tape
1 Box of pearly-headed pins
1 Small thimble
1 Needle threader
1 Safety pins bunch
1 Chalk crayon for textile
marking, erasable, 2 colors
An assortment of buttons
An assortment of wire coils
1 Seam ripper
REF 98780

rangements de la boite à couture
boite à couture pour enfant
enfant réalisant un travail de couture