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oeuvre d'art couture exposition artextile



10th edition, Contemporary Textile Arts exhibition by the French Patchwork Association

More than just an event, ‘Artextures’ is becoming an institution thanks to this 10th edition! The hottest French and International textile artists have grouped together in this anniversary selection to amaze and surprise you! Textile material is more than just material, it becomes a mirror, which reflects the artist’s thinking. 

For this anniversary, guests of honor of the last 6 editions, each lent a work to retrace the past 10 editions. During this edition, you’ll discover 31 artists from 6 different countries through a selection of 34 pieces of art to provide you with a unique experience! 
This exhibition of pieces of art creates a panorama of textiles and emotions!

Liste des artistes :

ARLOT Dominique, BERLIER GARCIA Ghislaine, BORNEMISZA Eszter, BROSSMAN Igor, CHARVET Michèle, CHIAKI Dosho, CLERGERIE Lydie, CLOAREC Eve, EMÖKE, GRALL Françoise, GRAVRAND Claire, GUÉNÉE BUORD Martine, JIMBO Setsuko, LASVAUX Aurélie, LEVERGER Nathalie, MAUREL Lucie, OCHIAI Etsuko, PANDYRA Piotr, PERCHENET Claude, RIMBAULT Anabelle, ROUSSET Cloé et VIDAL Louise, SCHIRRER Sophie, SEBERT Monika, TOGNI Mireille, VALSESIA LAIR Nicole, VAN DER VEEN Grietje, VIGIER Catherine, WIESSLER Isabelle, WOLF Marie, WORINGER Anne.

portraits textile oeuvre d'art

Katherine Roumanoff  


FROM MAY 4 TO JULY 20, 2019

Katherine Roumanoff's paintings highlight the complexity of human beings seized during moments of intensity. One can read the past, the future, and one’s destiny: traces from childhood to later years’ imprint, the back and forth between secret desires, happiness and the halts of despair reopening old wounds. Her approach allows us to feel and share the characters’ uniqueness, and her portraits send us back to what we are inside ourselves, to the symphony of our emotions.

The thickness of the textile pieces assembled together, their colors and textures draw as many dreams and desires, as constraints overwhelming us. Just like these characters, we are made of pieces and parts that are assembled throughout our lives, our actions. Our thoughts sometimes lead to more coherence, sometimes to more conflicts, and everything that happens lies on the canvas of our life and personality. That’s all the mystery of life that is exposed.

Text from Colette Roumanoff

robe de créateur originale réalisée en épingles



FROM JULY 27 TO november 2, 2019

Originally from Normandie, France, designer Eymeric François was trained by Thierry Mügler in his Paris fashion house. Independent since the early 2000s, Eymeric François does several haute couture fashion shows in Paris and around the world every year including Eastern Europe, Japan, and Thailand. For many years, Eymeric has been accompanied by BOHIN France to create fabulous creations made of hundreds of thousands pins in brass, steel - nickeled or not. Pins become embroidery, jewelry, lace, etc. The pin is magnified on the woman’s body who then becomes dangerous, not to say fatal… These beauties that one must approach with sensitivity will amaze you but watch out – you might get burned!

This exhibition retraces Eymeric’s creative path from the sketch to the fashion show. Our visit begins in the workshop, at the drawing board, then to the pattern work, fabric assembly and fittings. Then, we move on to the show, décor/ music/ choreography choice and, of course, the order of appearance of the dresses! Few people have the chance to attend a Haute Couture fashion show in their life, and that’s exactly the experience we want to invite you to share with us.


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